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TAKE A MINUTE CHANGE LIFE -On This World Suicide Prevention- 10th September 2017.


World suicide prevention Day takes place each year on 10th September an initiative of the International Association for Suicide Prevention and endorsed by the World Health organization. Every year, more than 800,000 people die by suicide worldwide and up to 25 times as many commit suicide. Every day we are coming across news report of someone committing suicide. The official figures are alarming and increasing day by day. In the year 2015 of our country lost 1, 33,623, to suicide, which indicates an increase of 10.6% in suicides than the previous year. Dignified personalities like Mr.Protryush Ghosh, The Deputy GM Of Metro Rail ways, Pallavi Chatterjee, Actress, Mrs. Shubika Singh, Psychologist, Mr.Saumen Ray, President of Rotary Club were present during the conference.
The highest incidents of suicides were reported in Maharashtra, 16,970 followed by Tamil Nadu 15,777 and West Bengal 14,602. In order to help in this ambivalent frame of mind, a movement was started to prevent suicides initiated by Rev-Chad Varah in UK, which later spread all over the world including India. Befrienders International was established by him in 1974. This in turn is known as BFRIENDERS WORLDWIDE today.
In India Dr.Lakshmi Vijaykumar a Psychiatrist by profession started Sneha in Chennai in 1992. There are 16 such centers all over India, who follow the same charter and training module as Befreinders Worldwide. The trained volunteers give emotional support to people in crisis while maintaining total confidentiality and complete anonymity of the caller. This service is completely free of cost. Befrienders India is a non political and non religious organization.
Over past twenty five years lakhs of people have reached out to various centre’s of Befrienders India through telephone help lines, emails, and personal visits to the centre’s and letters, for seeking help during the time of crises in their lives.
Each one of these individuals is part of a community. Some may have a network of family, friends and work colleagues or school mates. While some may be quite isolated. Regardless of the circumstances, communities have an important role to play in supporting those who are vulnerable.
There are certain issues which needs to be keep in mind as far as feelings are concerned like are we afraid of being judged? Are social pressures too much in our lives? Are we looking for a window to share our feeling?
As far as listening is concerned then the question which triggers in our minds are does anyone truly listen to us? Do people hijack our issues by talking about their similar experiences? Do they really offer advice? Does the advice ever prove helpful? Do we live in the fear of consistently judged?
Lifeline Foundation a member of Befrienders India has been serving the people of Kolkata for the past 21 years. It operates from 10.am to 6.pm from Monday to Saturday. The Volunteers give emotional support to the Callers who may be depressed, distressed or suicidal. The callers’ identity is not asked for and whatever they share remains completely confidential.
This year’s theme on World suicide Prevention Day is TAKE A MINUTE, CHANGE A LIFE. As members of communities, it is our responsibility to look out for those who may be struggling to cope with stress in their lives. They need to be encouraged to speak about what is worrying and thereby giving them an opportunity to vent. Offering a gentle word of support and listening in a non-judgmental way can make all the difference. If there is anyone you are concerned about, DON”T WAIT. Take a minute to reach out to them. It could change their life.
Text By Miss Nabanita Sengupta.


Eminent Celebrities assembled during Debashree Das’s latest festive Collection.


Debashree Das stated “white tashar colour sari looks very pretty with different type of red blouse also one can carry and with that red bindi makes a women looking absolutely gorgeous.” About the modern outfit she stated “one can wear long dress which also looks stunning.” The structure and formation of our planet's layers is comprised of different silhouettes, which are seen in Debosree Das’s latest Festive Collection dedicated to the evolution of earth. Her festive collection of 2017 named “Lino” is dedicated to men and women’s wear where the brand highlights that austere and architecturally precise aesthetic that can look stylish even during festive season. The ace designer Debosree Das launched her this year’s new collection in the glamorous presence Popular Actress Rachna Banerjee, Model Nicola Gomes, Singer Jojo & Raghab Chatterjee along with Ms. Proma Das, Principal, Calcutta Public School at her store located at P-239/2, Hindustan Park, Gariahat, Kolkata- 700029.
Debosree Das has something new and creative up her sleeve for this year’s Durga Puja. And this time she has come up with a unique and extraordinary collection of Indo-western including Dresses, Palazzos, Skirts, Kurtas, Capes, Lehenga, Sarees and many more drapes and styles. The price range of her collection starts from Rs. 2000 and goes up till Rs. 40,000. The outfits are adorned with hand woven yarns on cotton and linen. The designer highlighted that the main reason for her to launch the collection during Durga Puja because it is the grand occasion for the people of Bengal where they have a reason to be joyous and shop to till their extreme desire and merriment.
The colors that will dominate this year’s festive ensemble are the shades of Ombre, Pastels, Earthy shades and tones of burnt red and orange. The designs are embellished with pearls, silk, thread, artificial Swarovski etc. The vast range of dress materials and saris that are available there involve minimalistic and earthy prints have proliferated across the world of fashion, in both traditional and modern interpretations.
 Rachana Banerjee who has done her debut opposite the Shahenshah of Bollywood Mr.Amitabh Bachhan and has portrayed different kinds of character in Bengali flim industry stated “I don’t do more shopping. For my family members I do shopping. For the whole year I wear sari for different shooting performances .Wearing a sari having combination of red in different occasions of puja is a must which should have an ethnic combination.”
The lady stated “every sari has their own character .Puja means sari. I do wear cotton dress during evening. I like dull colors.”
About makeup during puja lady famous for show Didi No.1 stated “I prefer nude makeup because natural make up always makes one different from others.”  Food is also one crucial part of pujo so she said “I eat everything starting from Biriyani and no diet for pujo. I go out for dinner and lunch with family members. I go for free hand exercise for the whole year and during this days exercise is not a part of my fitness regime so little bit cautious I have to be. For the whole year I have a hectic schedule “.
About Jojo who has ruled the heart of the millions for her different amazing performances she opined “I have always seen her in different western outfits suddenly I noticed a tremendous change and I am quite happy that she is experimenting a different look which fits her very well. “
Jojo stated “in different occasions I wear sari with fashionable blouse. This year for pujo I wear majenta, vibrant, red, black and blue.”About her all time favorites she stated “jazzy colour, bright, black.In my wardrobe there are outfits which has 85% black.”
Text by Miss Nabanita Sengupta.


 Tanishq Brings Aagomoni Collection For All The Lovely Women In This Puja.


Jewellery plays a very crucial part during puja. Tanishq- India’s most trusted jewellery brand launched the Aagomoni collection in the city of joy where Miss .Rajeshwari Srinivasan, Regional Business Head- East, Titan Company Limited, Mr.Anirban  Banerjee, Regional  Business Head- East, Titan Company Limited, Tanishq, Ms. Deepika Sabharwal Tewari , Associate Vice President- Marketing Jewellery Division, Titan Company Limited, Mr.Rajan Amba, General Manager- Retail Tanishq, Ms.Piyali Sen, General Manager- Merchandising, Tanishq.   Miss Mimi Chakraborty the renowned actress of Tollywood has been chosen as the face of Aagomoni.
Miss Rajeshwari Srinivasan, Regional Business Head- East, Titan Company Limited stated “the launch of Agomoni collection contains different products and it starts from simple making charges starting from 8% upward. The collections contain paati haar, nath, lotus inspired jhumkas, bangles, meenakari chur, Ranihar, Shakha, Sitahar, Movchain, and beautiful Mantasa. We have curated the collection just for the season. The offer will start from Mahalaya. The discount for plain gold 25% on making charges.  About the wedding collection she opined as marriage season is round the corner that “75 grams onwards for wedding affairs. We have wedding of all kinds starting from Bihari bride, Bengali bride, and Marwari bride etc.”
About the silver products the lady stated “we don’t work on silver. But for the kids as far as rice eating ceremony is concerned for that one can have gold bala, earring starting from Rs.3000 rupees onwards. About her expectation from the customers she stated “customers are incredibly thrill to be part of the campaign we have huge expectation and there is a special Bengali song.  She has done a film for us. “
About the Pan India expansion of Tanishq outlets in the next six months she stated “there are going to be expansion of Tanishq outlets in different corners of India. Calcutta is saturated and well covered as we have reached in every corner of the city. “
Mr.Anirban Banerjee, Regional Business Manager, Tanishq opined “we have made jewellery for the almighty goddess Durga who is a source of strength to each one of us. For the traditional Durga puja which happens to be crucial part of different Bengali pujas. Her message to the people of the city of joy is “celebrate puja, welcome Ma Durga, also have good health and peace”.
Tollywood diva Miss Mimi Chakraborty opined “gold is something a woman will always like to wear .They is having every kind of jewellery which has an ancient touch as well as the jeweler which has modernity in it. The range is affordable and starts from Rs.20, 000 onwards. Tanishq has come with brilliant collection. “Durga Puja is a very auspicious occasion for every person so this year so about the accessories the lady who has ruled the heart of the millions for her versatile performances in movies like Shudhu Tomari Jonye, Kelor Kirti, Katmandu and several others stated “as puja is more like being original so during this days I am used to wear traditional jewellery as for the whole year I don’t get the ample opportunity to wear all this. For this year like in Ashtami wearing traditional jewellery is mandatory. I wear those jewelleries which I love to wear depending on the outfit”.


India’s Dancing Superstar DID-Dance Ka Tashan,
DID- Super Mom Season 2, Super Dancer- Dance Ka Kal


The auditions were judged by none other than Saurabh & Vivek who are the Dance India Dance Doubles Finalists. They have many winning badgets attached to then. Winning the Boogies Woogie Championship, winning Dance Bangla Dance Champion ship & were the winning choreographer for Jhalak Dikla Ja bangle. They were also the choreographers for the Tollywood movie, Cross Conncetion 2. They have also choreographed the opening ceremony of Big Boss (. They have been working on conducting regular dance classes, workshops & dance shows all across India. On this occasion Geeta Kapoor stated “the sole objective of this event is to bring out the talents of deserving dance aspirants by providing them with a platform through a state level competition. Born 2 Dance will not only find the expert dance performances, but gave them a real break at the very start of their performances of the future, but gave them a real break at the very start of their professional careers & the opportunity to perform in front of leading experts in front of leading experts in their field by taking Dance to a different level altogether”.
Saurabh & Vivek DID Fame stated “it’s the way Born 2 Dance has reached its Finale. The show filtered out in a very tough & challenging way with its every round to find the real talent in terms of dancing skill & it was very difficult for us to judge since the competition level was so high. Since we have been a part of many reality shows, we understand the difficulty of being a part of the same”.
Winners of the Grand Finale Champion of Champion- Aman Sharma Solo A (Below 14 years Ist-Saheli Sen & 2nd Rupsa Biswas).
Solo A (Above 14 years)
1st  Aman Sharma & 2nd- Tapas Das.
Mom’s Special – Ist Kaveri Roy & 2nd Gouri Kour.
Duet (No Age Limit) - Ist- Subankar & Saurabh & 2nd- Kamalika & Gautam.
Groups (minimum 3)
1st Bolly Stunners & 2nd- Herish Group from Ranchi.
The show saw all the finalists out at the “Grand Finale “to win that scintillating trophy of champion of champions along with a cash prize of Rs.1 lakh.
Text By Miss Nabanita Sengupta.

Nirdhan a – Blessing for 11,000 families through work.

The world is moving very fast when nobody cares for their near and dear ones. Trust, love, care, all these things are only mere words in today’s time so in this tough time also there are people associated with the noble jobs of serving people with whom they share only mental bonding no self interests are concerned. Nirdhan is one such organization who is lending their full support for the families who belong from downtrodden section of the society.
Sahara Begam & Kalyani Mondal might have different sets of adversities & challenges from life; Nirdhan has the potentiality & improve the quality of their lives at the same time.
Nirdhan, the livelihood space in the rural areas of West Bengal have so far had a positive effect on more than 11,000 families in four districts of Bengal bringing about an eco – system of change through different skill sets & livelihood means. By the next year they plan to reach out at least 3000 more families. “Very few NGOs are in the livelihood space in the rural areas of West Bengal having so far had a positive effect on more 11,000 families in four districts of Bengal bringing about an eco-system of change through different skill sets & livelihood means. By the next year they plan to reach out to at least 3000 more families.’
Very few NGO are in the livelihood space in the rural areas of West Bengal, we are one of them. Most of the NGO’s provide remediation in the spheres of education, women & child healthcare, general healthcare, specialized healthcare, old age care stray animals etc. We are working with the farmers helping them understand & practice three to four enterprises three to four enterprises that surround their immediate lives like poultry, agriculture, goat herding thereby spreading the risk rather than working on one enterprises that surround their immediate lives like poultry, agriculture thereby spreading the risk rather than working on one enterprise & making it a high risk one said Mr.Vasant Subramanyan Chairman.
Thus Nirdhan creates permanent solution instead of temporary ones training entire families including & elderly grandparents alike, so that every person in the household can contribute to the well being of a family. Targets for 2018-19 PDS -

  1. To distribute 10,040 poultry toolkits across all 4 locations.
  2. B. To work with 2,500families /households.


  1. To add another 300 farmers in FIGS to our group of 1,006 members already in the groups.
  2. To facilitate more number of government scheme linkages to our present members.
  3.  To supply input materials for farming at lower costs.
  4. To motivate for regular savings.
  5.  Presently working in 24 Parganas North (Kanchrapara). To expand to 2 additional locations in 24 Parganas South (Sundia) & East Midnapore (Kolaghat). Goatery- A. to complete the pilot successfully with 20 families. B. To start the pilot with an additional 10 families at East Midnapore (Kolaghat ) for a period of 27-30 months.

Nirdhan believes in ‘give a man a fish & you feed him for a day, teaches a man to fish & you feed him for a lifetime”.
Text By Miss Nabanita Sengupta.


Koshe Kosha’s Puja Special Menu.

When - From 25th September- 2nd October 2017.

Time- From 1 1am-5pm & &7pm onwards.

Where- All Koshe Kosha Restaurants.

Chef’s Pick- Malai Bhetki, Narkel Dom Murgi, Golda Sorshelal Mangsho Sorshe Elish, Bhetki Paturi, Chitol Muitha, Gondhoraj Murgi Kosha Mangsho, Lal Keema Malai, Chingrir Biriyani.
Pocket Pinch- Rs.750 +GST for Two.

Text By Miss Nabanita Sengupta.


Mon Art Gallerie presents Mythical paradigm’- The Recent works Of Jagannath Paul.


Mon Art Gallerie is pleased to announce the opening of Mythical paradigm, a solo exhibition of the Recent Works of Jagannath Paul with the theme of Bond of Love series, from 9th September - 9th October 2017.
Mrs.Kalpona Poddar inaugurated the Exhibition in presence of the Artist Jagannath Paul & the owners of the gallery Manju Sethia & Pooja Jain along with some other eminent guest. Jagannath Paul’s art articulates the belief that certain creative principles exist eternally. These principles are preserved in the collective consciousness embodied in myths which somehow capture the essence of these underlying thoughts & ideas. Idiosyncrasies of time & place prove to be ephemeral they arise, flourish for a while & then disappear. The dramas reenacted in Paul’s works do not. Instead they recreate the eternal paradigms in constantly changing variations & degrees.
Art, for Paul, involves a rediscovery & a revelation of the eternal paradigm, which exist in that dimension of infinitely expanded space & time. The very existence of this eternal transcendent realm is revealed only by the artist. Only he has the vision, & only he has the courage to express that vision, regardless of what it may be or what it may allude to. The artist then creates or rather recreates, a bit of eternity in permanent form.
The mythic or transcendent faces- beautiful filled with rapture that exist in Paul’s notion of eternity contain a kemel of truth which though not widely recognized, is nevertheless manifested in the cycles of every human life. Artists express their essence coherently & cleanly Paul’s works appear not only to express his subjective essence but also recreate or, more accurately, re-actualize one of the mythical patterns that have served as models for human existence since time immemorial.
Jagannath Paul’s images are not strolls through cloistered sanctuaries of art. He makes uncompromising demands. He expresses freely & demands viewers go eye-to-eye with his art. He demands unflinching openness in full view of painful contradictions. Essentially, he demands that we re-examine our assumptions. That Paul is skilled is beyond doubt. He creates images with material sensuality, tactility & great atmospheric possibilities. He triggers a sense of associational free play in the viewers mind & becomes a catalyst for a web of correlations. This painstaking, artisan like approach to his art is a manifestation of compositional intensity coupled with an imagination which is detailed & unconventional technical skills, especially with regard to the treatment of the human face.
Jagannath Paul’s has a mixed of Art works to be exhibited which is based on charcoal & Acrylic on Canvas Bronze Sculpture & Metal Sculpture.  According to Ms.Pooja Jain “Jagannath is a very talented & hardworking artist. His painting can strike a positive feeling in the hearts of the viewers”.
Text By Miss Nabanita Sengupta.

16th ICT East Smarter World- A New Normal 2017

During the 16th ICT East Smarter World- A New Normal 2017 from 7-8 September  organized by Confederation of Industry (CII) where the dignitaries were assembled to share their precious opinion. Mr.Bratya Basu, Minister-in-Charge Department of Information Technology & Electronics Government of West Bengal stated “a new ICT policy 2017 is in the pipeline. Honorable CM Miss Mamta Banerjee will unveil it very soon. The cabinet meeting is going to take place. The new projects are already under process in different areas Asansol, Durgapur, Rajarhat.  There will be office jobs starting from the back office.” The dignified members released the report on Emerging Technology: Bringing Business Opportunities”.
As per Mr.Dipankar Choudhury Co-Chairman, CII Eastern Region Startup and Innovation taskforce & Executive director- Advisory Risk & Quality Management Leader PricewaterCoopers India stated “the kind of challenges which are discussed includes job loss because of Artificial Intelligence that is going to happen we had to job opportunities for the youngsters. One needs to embrace the technology. Engineering employment in IT sector 39 lakhs, IT sector has contributed 7.2%.  To capitalize on the demography we want to make India. Under this initiative government has made this between State Government encourages & advised to create infrastructure for the electronic development. “
A special incentive package has been launched. To improvise the present situation of India Start India program has been launched. The number is growing every year. IT industry is centered on some major & metro city. This city has been getting choked.
As people have encountered with the problems in the BPO industry and in future this industry is going to operate in 62 new cities.  BPO is an integral part of this industry. Aadhar has become a real adhar for most of the government services. IT industry would be able to guide the government. Advancements are taking part in the IT sector. State government encouraged & advised to create infrastructure for the electronic development. One can watch everything through tab, android phones. One has to be smart enough in this smarter world. Government is giving fund for electronic development. By 2050 India will surplus US. We are visualizing a technological driven industry.
There is a huge scarcity of resources which is inevitable. The challenges are faced starting from the cities that are not designed for such urbanization. Internet is a very important aspect of our life. We are now managing services in a much better way.”
Mr.Souvik Bannerjee  Vice President- Tata Industries- Digital Initiatives Chief Technology Officer, TataCLiQ   stated “few months back we were trying to launch a campaign with an goal to promote our brand though it was concentrated in the cities like Gurgaon, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai but unfortunately those companies don’t work in Gurgaon but it worked in Amritsar, it worked in Mysore not in Bangalore surprisingly Westside brands are concentrated mostly in Surat, Maldah, Siliguri, Tirucherapalli. As far as work is concerned the number of Smart devices actually crossed the number of people living in east taking place in 2016. In another three years there will be 34 billion devices, 10 billion devices of smart phones and 24 billion devices of ear phone devices. In different respective organizations emergency of ICT will be there very soon.  There are lots of changes taking place in Fintech. Most of the IT departments are understaffed. “
He also stated” the more experienced you are the less valuable you are. Change is the new norm & we are in the world of digitalization. “
Miss Shradha Sharma, Founder & CEO Your Story stated” it is an important discussion when we are discussing about smart cities. “She also used a quote which comprises meaningful message technology is nothing what’s important you should have a faith in people basically they are smart you will give them tools they will do wonderful things.”
The independent lady who hails from Bihar opined “I am a starter in Bangalore then why not Kolkata will be in the category of Start Up capital of India. “
Mr.Debashish Sen, IAS Additional Chief Secretary Department of Information Technology & Electronics Government of West Bengal, Chairman & Managing Director, WBHIDCO & Chairman, Nabadiganta  Industrial Township Authority stated “at the bureaucratic level government level the strategy we are now following the numerous IT professional also talks about the digital rapture we are talking about decision earlier we would like to embrace. We have to run faster as we all believe trusted makes sense. For example we are making IT Park in places like Durgapur, Asansol, Siliguri. It is from the variations taking place& an active interaction takes place. Sectar 5 provides a great cluster.  There is a great opportunity in IT sector. “
About the achievements and the competition of IT sector the government official opined ‘IT sector is a fiercely competitive world where we can interact. Fintech Hub is done in IIT Kharagpur. Public WIFIS are available at an affordable cost. Different IT parks are situated in Purulia, Bankura.”
Mr.Sudir Naiyer, Managing Director & Country Head Commercial Sales, CISCO stated “it starts with the customer experience and ends with the customer experience. One should anticipate the customers’ demands and expectations .Business needs to be transformed.  Lot of collaboration is provided to the employees so that customers will be given the best and digital network also plays a very crucial role”.
Text by Miss Nabanita Sengupta.

Eminent Models Assembled During The Unveiling Of Dynamic Diva At
The Nail & Lash Bar- Beauty Comes With Taste.

Dynamic Diva – Durga Puja Special Offerings at The Nail & Lash Bar located at 32 Allenby Road (near Forum Mall, Elgin Road). Leading models who have ruled the heart of the millions in different renowned fashions shows like Runa Laha, Sonal Ravi Shrivastava and Ruchira Mukherjee unveiled Dynamic Diva- Durga Puja Special Offerings at the above mentioned saloon. Dalia De stated “a women is a source of power playing multiple roles as a daughter, as a wife, as a mother, as a professional, as a friend, as a sister- the list never ends. The DYNAMIC DIVA is made to order for pampering this woman in her who knows the art balancing her various roles with aplomb. With the arrival of Durga, it’s time to celebrate the beauty every woman and invoke the power in her “.
Dynamic Diva Special Offering 1 means in this celebratory month kick off the celebrity look. Get Nail Extensions for hand and feet and Wine Pedicure and Manicure at INR 5,000.
Dynamic Diva Special Offering 2 means to indulge into a relaxing extravagance with offers like Classic Eyelash Extensions, Gel Nail Extensions for hands punched with Cocktail Pedi-Mani at INR 6,000 only.
Dynamic Diva Special Offering 3 includes makes your Durga Puja look stand out with the Classic Eyelash Extensions and Acne Gel Nail Extensions along with Cocktail Pedicure and Manicure at INR 8,501 only.
About the grooming of today’s women eminent model Runa Laha stated “we girls always like being decked up. If they are nicely manicure puja is approaching. We can bump into group & come out with beautiful hair. Beauty starts with the idea. When in a society you are judged with the look you are nicely decked up in our indulging people not commenting as you are free from your side we are more armor to this kind of profession. I prefer wearing handloom sarees during puja. We have a rich culture in Bengal. Today I have cropped my hair. “
About the eye-make up she stated ‘a girl needs to know what is good for her. One can highlight eyes. Then accordingly one can put lipstick. It’s a specialized studio for beauty.  When girls will go for Acnogel, nail arts, eye lash extension, which will stay around 1 month. Pedicure, manicure, specific services are needed.  It’s a total package gel & extension wine pedicure manicure cocktail pedicure manicure acknogel extension- gel & acrolic. Combo offer ranges between Rs.2000- Rs.6000. Palazzo is very much in fashion. One can wear palazzo with crop top. The time for gel nail takes two and half hours.
About the makeup for the coming puja the model with smoky eyes she stated “what kind of dress one will wear depending on that she must go for it. Catchy lips, signature style in eyes, light make up in the morning of puja days of Sasti, Saptami, Astami, Nabami and in the Astami night gody makeup, light make up and eye makeup.”
For the girls who are obese they can also wear halter neck. Be comfortable then you will really stand out. One should be confident. For male a figure who wants to groom for the puja season “it’s a unisex saloon so men can come for facial, bleach.  “
Text by Miss Nabanita Sengupta.

Maha Bhoj Buffet for the Food Lovers of Kolkata at Park Plaza Ballygunge.  

Durga Puja for any Bengali means wearing their favorite outfits; make up, innovative hair style, accessories & bangles. Park Plaza Kolkata Ballygunge introduced their grand buffet called “Maha Bhoj” in the presence of their new Executive Chef Gautam Kumar. The buffet will be exclusively available at K-19, the all day dining restaurant at the hotel from 27th to 30th September, 2017.  The buffet comprises of Lunch Buffet Rs.999 plus GST, Dinner Buffet for Rs.1199 plus GST, Midnight buffet for Rs.699 plus GST & kids (aged below 12 years). Lunch Buffet Rs. 599 plus GST, Dinner 699 plus GST. On all the three days of festivity they will be laying a Bengali spread on both Lunch & Dinner from a selection of Satabdi Chingri, IILISH Macher Paturi, Pabdamacher Jhol, Chital Macher Muitha, Kochi Pathar Jhol, Posto Murgi, Amlo Madhur Murghi, Chingri Malai Curry, Sarse Bata Chingri along with a huge spread vegetarian delicacies.
Mr.Gautam Kumar, Executive Chef Park Plaza, Kolkata Ballygunge stated “since the countdown has begun for Bengali’s grand festival, Durga Puja. It will be a hard job to find a Bengali who prefers his/her meals at home during the puja. Even people who stay outside Bengal or abroad where Durga Puja is not a major festival like to make this festival time special in their own ways. As Bengalis are best known for their love for food, most of us celebrate their special days by enjoying a scrumptious meal in favorite restaurant. Keeping in mind the various ways of satisfying the food lover’s taste buds, we introduced the traditional Maha Bhoj at K-19, we are confident that the people of Kolkata – or visiting the city will definitely love it”.
Text by Miss Nabanita Sengupta.


Blessing For the Voracious Eaters -   One Can Experience the Exotic Flavors of the Contemporary Bengal with Afra Tafri, Kolkata.


Kolkata, the city of joy is well known for Bengali culture which has a rich tradition, food is an crucial part of Durga Puja as Bengalis who keenly waits for the whole year to have a blast during this 4 days where they actively take part in beating of dhakas, dhunachi nach & sindur khela.  Afta Tafri introduced their festive lunch buffet called “Taste of the contemporary Bengal “ in the presence of their Executive Chef Mohammad Feroz Hussain along with the directors Mr.Raajiv Nathany, Mr.Sandeep  Goenka  along with Mr.Sachin Shroff. The lunch buffet is for Rs.699 (all Inclusive) & it will be exclusively available at Afra  Tafri from 27th to 29th September 2017.
The mouthwatering dishes which people  will jump over are Mutton Reganjosh, pan Fried Fish, Fish With Chilli basil sauce, Mocha Chingri, Lau Chingri, Prawn Machurian, Penne Reparonatta, Caribbean Chicken Steak Fish in Hoison sauce, Cottage Cheese Garlic, Thai Veg Green Curry, Roast Chicken with black pepper sauce, Sona Moong Dal Paneer malai kofta,, Narkeli Cholar Dal & many more.
Mohammad Feroz Hussain, Executive Chef of Afra Tafri opined “since the countdown has begun for Bengali’s grand festival, Durga Puja it will be hard job to find a Bengali who prefers his/her meals at home during the puja. Even people who stay outside Bengal or abroad where Durga puja is not a major festival, they also put their full endeavor to make this festival time special in their own ways.” As Bengalis are best known for their love for food, most of us celebrate their special days by enjoying a scrumptious meal in favorite restaurant. Keeping in mind the various way of satisfying the food lover’s taste buds, we introduced the contemporary festive buffet which will be available at Afra Tafri on the festive days of Durga Puja, we are confident that the people of Kolkata or visiting the city will definitely love it”.
Text By Miss Nabanita Sengupta.

10th MIDAOICON 2017 has been held on 26th & 27th August, 2017 at
KPC Medical College Kolkata

10th MIDAOICON 2017 has been held on 26th & 27th August, 2017 at KPC Medical College Kolkata. It is a large national meet of ENT Specialist Doctors before AOICON 2018, the Annual National Conference of Association of OTOLARYNGOLOGISTS of India (AOI).
AOI is the largest platform of India for otolaryngologists, the super specialist doctors of Otolaryngology, the branch of Medical science which deals with the treatment & prevention of the diseases of ear, nose & throat of human being. Dr.Dwaipayan Mukherjee, Dr.Dulal Basu, Dr.AM Saha, Dr. Debashish Guha, Dr.Tarun Palit & almost all the renowned ENT surgeons of West Bengal have been present to the meet.
Dr.Dwaipayan Mukherjee has said that after successful arrangement of 69th AOICON, the Annual National Conference of AOI, AOI West Bengal has been proud to arrange such National conference in Kolkata in the same year. They are also proud to the presence to the presence of DR.Deepak Haldipur, the President of AOI, Dr.Ravi Ramalingam of Chennai, Dr.S.P. Dubey & Dr. Sameer Bhargav along with some legendary figures of otolaryngologists.
Less pollution & prevention & treatment of diseases related pollution & recovery of deffness from pollution “ is the  theme of this prestigious  national Conference- Pollution is not only a Global hazard but also it is a growing problem in our country too Allergy & the diseases of ear, nose & throat (ENT) have been increased day by day due pollution. It is also proved that our auditory system has been affected mostly by the noise pollution in the urban regions. Due to increased pollution, otolaryngological diseases have been increased in geometric progression.
Mass awareness is very necessary along with legal action for decrease of pollution. To increase the mass awareness on pollution & its solution, such conference is very much necessary. Dr.Mukherjee has said that live demonstration & training of the various new evidence based scientific method of treatments, highly interactive live surgical workshops & discussion on the latest techniques of the treatments of common as well as rare  ENT disease are the major attraction of this conference .
It will be a big academic feast rich in scientific content. Some topics like surgery of Head & Neck Cancer, thyroid tumor image guided endoscopic operation, stroboscopy & many others among the live demonstration & training of the various new evidence based scientific method of treatment are very much unique & important.
Text By Miss Nabanita Sengupta.


IIMC announces the 2nd Edition of Sharodiya Digital Impact Awards “.


International Institute of Media & Communication (IIMC) announced its 2nd Edition of Sharodiya Digital Impact Awards with much razzmatazz in Urbana Community Hall on Thursday afternoon. Dance Exponent & Social Activist Alokanandha Roy, Vocalist Surojit Chatterjee, choreographer Sudharshan Chakrovorty. Flim personality Satrajit Sen & DJ Aakash.  
IIMC Sharodiya Digital Impact Awards is aimed to honor the best Durga Puja Committee on Social Media Platform that would cover all the creative aspects of digital promotion starting from the concept, creativity, implementation & the number of page likes to the Best Integrated (cross platform ) Social Media Campaign. The judging category is divided into 3 parts. Best Digital Impact Award, Jury Choice Awards & People’s Choice Award. The trophies would be handed over to the winning Durga puja Committees on 24th September, 2017 by the Jury members of IIMC Sharodiya Digital Impact Awards 2017.
It was the time to be creative, it was the time to roll on enthusiastically in the most wanted field of today’s time that is – go Digital. The initiative is supported by Urbana, Candid Communication- Event & PR Partner, Genius Kids & ACMS- Associate Partner, Artage – Hoarding Partner, Tolly Kata- Digital Partner, Presto Award- Award Partner, Siti Events- Cable Partner & Upananda Gift Partner, Zeal Sports & News- Channel partner, Millennium Post – Media Partner.
Urbana is the vision & execution of six stalwarts of the Real Estate industry. Shrachi, Emami, Sureka, MKJ (Keventer), JB & Nabata Groups in association with the Government of West Bengal. Over the past couple of decades, these legendary groups have been associated most of the city’s landmark buildings & complexes, & thus Urbana is a spectacle of magnificence, impressive enough to take your breath away.
Text By Miss Nabanita Sengupta.

Dignified Personalities Assembled For The Seminar “Industry 4.0- The New Era of AI“
at Bharat Chamber Of Commerce.

There was a seminar organized by Bharat Chamber of Commerce and many significant speakers were there to share their precious opinion. The objective of the seminar is to provide a platform to review the oldest developments with regard to the opportunities available in Industry 4.0 era.
Mr.Debashis Sen, IAS, Additional Chief Secretary, and Information Technology & Electronics Department Government of West Bengal as the Guest-in-Chief in the seminar. Among the other dignified personalities  from different walks of life which includes Dr.Bhaskar Gupta, Professor Department of Electronics & Telecommunication, Jadavpur University, Mr.Sandip Roy, Senior Manager, VDMA India Services Pvt. Ltd & Mr.Akshay Kumar NV, Manager, Mag India Industrial Automation Systems Pet Limited Fair Friend Group, Taiwan.
About the future of Information Technology In West Bengal Mr. Debasish Sen , West Bengal stated “ Bengal excel in IT, culture, art. At present they can embrace the position of the above mentioned sector. The government has given the idea of a smart city. New Town, Rajarhat is also one developed place. There is a huge possibility in the business sector. There is a township in Kalyani named as Samridhi. Hon’ble CM Miss Mamata Bannerjee gave the name. This comes under Annex city. Doctors, nurses, schools will grow up in this zone. Smart cities, green city are not for everyone to capitalize it.”  
Child is the future of the nation in connection with that  students who want to pursue their carrier in future in IT sector for them Triple IT is an all India based joint entrance test where students based on their intellectual quotient (IQ) level qualify the exam. In Bengal electronic manufacturing clients are in Naihati. There is a Fintech hub in Rajarhat. It deals with financial services & technology. The government is looking for knowledge partner. A huge amount of enterprise is coming for mobile gaming.
On behalf of the startup organizations Mr.Debashish Sen , Chairman WBHIDCO/NDITA  shared his view by stating ‘please consider being a mentor for the start ups. About Artificial Intelligence he stated “Artificial Intelligence is the message of up gradation of jobs, increase in productivity as well as increase in flexibility”.
About the collaboration of the companies with other companies of West Bengal Mr.Akshay Kumar N.V stated “at the moment we are having discussions for going on collaborations with different companies. We have small business in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand out of West Bengal. At this moment there is a small potentiality for our business. “There is an expectation from the Asian countries to support as far as cost effectiveness is concerned.

                                Text By Miss Nabanita Sengupta.
SPML Infra gives back to the Society, adhering to its corporate social responsibilities.

Honoring the memory of their late founder chairman Shri Punam Chand Sethi, SPML Infra Limited organized a food distribution drive for Women’s Coordinating Council in Kolkata. The company distributed large amounts of daily food ration & basic necessities to the organization which works for the betterment of underprivileged women & children.
SPML held a series of health check up camps across all its projects sites pan India, one of which was a healthcare & eye camp in Delhi, where a series of examinations were conducted for more than 200 underprivileged people, by trained physicians & specialists.
Mr.Subhash Sethi, Chairman SPML Infra stated “by conducting these movements, we try to give back to the society & its people. SPML hopes to keep touching the lives of millions of people positively by supporting environmental & health care projects & social, cultural & educational program as well”.
Over the years, SPML has conducted a series of social welfare movements, a way to give back to the society & its people , which started off with the Free Limb Distribution program to distribute free artificial limbs to the needy to overcome their challenges a movement which still continues, was started after the inception of the company in 1981. The Beti Bachao campaign is included in the list of many others, which was initiated to make awareness about the importance of girl child in the Northern part of the country.
SPML Infra believes in “save water is found water& to spread this message, regular outdoor & mass media campaigns on ‘Save  Water” & “ Conserve Water” is running across Delhi & other cities with a number of hoardings, boards, message boards, bulletins & public awareness campaigns. Besides focusing primarily on the welfare of economically & socially deprived sections of society. SPML  also aims at providing economically viable & environment- friendly services for the benefit of millions of people across the nation, while at the same time ensuring the highest standards of safety & environment protection in its operations.
Text By Miss Nabanita Sengupta.

Wasabee finds a new home in its fifth year.

Percussionist Pandit Tanmoy Bose the master mind behind the newly launched restaurant Wasabee in the presence of renowned singer Mr.Rupam Islam & award winning producer –director Mr.Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury, Pandit Tanmoy Bose, and co-owner of the above mentioned restaurant was also present. Wasabee, the Oriental serving restaurant, co-owned by Pandit Tanmoy Bose & Mr.Debraj Chowdhury started its journey back in 2012 & in its fifth year has shifted to a new location at 30, Arya Vidyalaya Road, Garfa, and Kolkata-700078. The main motive behind this change was to get bigger & better. The new outlet is a 50 plus seater restaurant & is open through the week from 11 am to 11 pm. The interiors of the restaurant reflect on its Japanese origin with cherry blossom paintings hanging from the wall.  
Pandit Tanmoy Bose’s love for music also becomes evident with the various musical elements that can be seen on the walls. The menu at Wasabee has been revisited & new additions have also been made. Their expansion into Singaporean & Burmese cuisine, gives one a chance to taste some authentic dishes from these cuisines like Nasi Goreng, Hainanese curry rice, & the famous Burmese Khowsuey which is one of the most enjoyed dishes across the world. Traditionally Oriental dishes like Japanese Sashimi, Sushi, Hibachi & Thali delicacies starting from Tom Yum to Pad Thai & Thai Curry, an ending list of treats can be savored at Wasabee.
Old favorites like Jazz Jumbo Prawn, Crab Kodo & Thai Chilli Whole Squid have been revived in a more delicious way. Fried Ice cream in a variety of flavors which is the Chef’s specialty have also been added to the menu & is a must try.
Pandit Tanmoy Bose, co-owner of Wasabee,” we have received a lot of love from the city in our five years & we thought that we must give this love back. So, we decided to shift to an even bigger location & come back in a grand way. We have made new & interesting additions to our menu & also the prices of the existing items have become more pocket friendly. We hope that people come at this new location & enjoy what we have to offer them”.
Text By Miss Nabanita Sengupta.


Amway presents ‘attitude Shining Star “ Fashion Show in Kolkata.


Amway India, country’s largest Direct selling company organized a dazzling fashion Show-attitude Shining Star” in Kolkata on 15th July 2017. Attitude is Amway’s entry –level premium brand, offering a range of skin care and cosmetic products specially created for the youth. The evening was a myriad display of colors and talent as the Amway direct sellers who are its brand ambassadors walked the ramp with style on sequences choreographed by choreographer Tejas Gandhi. Building on the brand persona a, the fashion show displayed youthfulness and vibrancy through its themes- ‘Traditional “, “Sportswear’ and ‘Evening Gown’.
Meghanjani Palit contestant no.14 was crowned as Attitude Shining  Star on the criterion of her attire, attitude and talent rachiyata agarwal (Contestant no.6) and Manjuroni Dewan (Contestant no.11) were announced the first and second runners up respectively. Priyanka Agarwal ( Contestant no.14), Indrani Sadhukhan  (contestant no.12) and moumita Saha (Contestant no.7) were crowned as winners of the sub-contests – ‘ Best Smile”, “Beautiful Eyes” and Beautiful Hair’ respectively. The Attitude Shining Star fashion Show  also presented award to Manjuroni Dewan ( contestant no.11) and Meghajani Palit (contestant no.14) the categories of Best Personality and “flawless Skin”.
The contestants marked their presence by wearing vibrant Attitude colors. Agnimitra paul, ace Fashion Designer adjudged the Attitude Shining Star Fashion Show and Abhishek basu, renowned table player & music composer. Ms.Anisha Sharma, category Head, Beauty & Personal care, Amway India stated ‘ every  edition of the Attitude Fashion Show receives immense love and great response from our audience. The fashion show is the best way to showcase the brilliant talent that our direct sellers possess. Our Attitude range represents the vivacious and vibrant Indian youth and the products complement the Indian Skin”. Attitude is an entry level premium brand, targeted specifully at the Indian youth. The brand offers a range of skin care products & a range of bold color cosmetics for the youth. Its skin care portfolio has a variety of products like cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer, Sunscreen Lotion, Face wash, Face masque, hand & Body cream, foot Cream & the newly launched be Bright  range of products. At Amway, we believe that beauty is all about attitude.

Text By Miss Nabanita Sengupta.

Kolkata all set to find their ‘Tanaya’.


The grand announcement of the beauty pageant”Tanaya”- The queen Of Kolkata 2017’ followed by its curtain raiser was held at the International Club. As the saying goes, “outer beauty attracts, inner beauty captivates” & pageant stands for just that.
The logo of the beauty pageant was unveiled by artist Rupchand kundu’s painting in the presence of renowned designers Abhishek Dutta &  Sharbari Dutta , well known actors Suchandra vaaniya & Debdut Ghosh. Mr.Anindya Chatterjee stated, “the concept of Tanaya is to choose 50 unique individuals & groom them to possess the right intellect, poise aptitude to take on the world. We hope to find such dynamic women to inspire us although our beauty talents hunt”.
Tanaya aims to serve as a platform that reflects the magnificence of youth, who exuberate individuality & the aptitude to be 2017”s Queen of Kolkata”. The contestants will be judged on criteria’s such as intelligence, talent, fitness& social awareness amongst other factors. The finale for this is on the 8th September, where the Queen will be crowned.
Text By Miss Nabanita Sengupta.

The Cambridge School Celebrates The Spirit Of Independence

The Cambridge School, celebrated the spirit of Independence & global ties, commemorating the 70th year of freedom, at their school campus. During this auspicious occasion the chief guest Mr.Bruce Bucknell, British Deputy High Commissioner of Kolkata hoisted the National flag in the presence of Mr.Sarojesh Mukherjee, Director, The Cambridge School, Mrs.Sunita Chowdhury, Principal, the Cambridge School & its students.
Mr.Bruce Bucknell stated “I am extremely delighted to be a part of The Cambridge School’s spirit of independence celebration. There is no better way to help alter the man-made climate change than planning more trees. “
Mrs.Sunita Chowdhury also added ‘here at The Cambridge School, not just Indians but a global community of students from a many countries celebrates our independence. It thus becomes the celebration of not just a great event, but also of integration into a wider world of fellow humans. That the Hon’ble, British Deputy High Commissioner is presiding over these celebrations  also shows that the conflicts of the past new not stand in the way of amity & friendships of the present & of the future, if we are tolerant & respectful in spite of our differences & diversity. These are the same values that we try to impart to our students for which this celebration of India’s independence highlights the ethos of the school”.
Text By Miss Nabanita Sengupta.


Koshe Koshas 10th anniversary Celebrations From 28th August -30th August, 2017.


The mouth watering dishes are Kosha Mangsho, Lal Keema, Chicken Kabiraji, Gondhoraj Chicken, Basanti Polau, Kankrar Jhal, Macher Matha Diye Dal, Katla Kalia, Bhetki Fry. Every dish is priced between Rs.99 to Rs.149-/- plus GST.

Text By Miss Nabanita Sengupta.  

Old Flavors Infused With The Touch Of Modernity In Kolkata.

Old is gold this proverb has once again been proved tremendously true when the famous old dishes are introduced with modern touch through innovative presentations. Since time immemorial Kolkata is known for rich culture where food plays a very crucial role. There are different mouthwatering non-vegetarian dishes like Lassoni Mahi Tikka with garlic it is marinated and then it is made in the form of tandoor. Makhmali Jheenga which is made with brown garlic. It is a river prawn cooked in tandoor. Peshwari Ghosht Burrah Kebab. This is made with mutton spare reebes with ginger ali paste. This is made with pomegranate juice after that it is marinated. Then it is made as tandoor. Murgh Kabuli Tikka which contains nut paste and cream. One can add kaju paste, pesta paste but no peanuts. One can have a mouth melting chicken kabab. Cheesy Murgh Khasnama Tangdee where chicken drums stick marinated with aromatic spices from Mughal Era.
Kebab vegetarian contains Firduas e Numa which contains barrel potato filled with dry fruits & nuts napped in red marinade char grilled. The Kebab vegetarian contains Firdaus e Numa which contains barrel potato filled with dry fruits & nuts napped in red marinade char grilled.  Mushroom Moti Tikka contains char grilled mushroom filled with dry fruits, khoya & cheese.  Khoya is stuffed & cheese is added. Then it is cooked in the form of tandoor.  
Subz Nazrana Kebab contains mixed vegetable, dry foods.  Mixed vegetarian, keema kore dry fruits which is made patty type or shallow fried. Tulsi Paneer Tikka basil infused succulent cottage cheese finished in tandoor.  Here by using basil pata, cashew nut as a base tandoori is cooked. Akbari Murgh is a KEQ Speciality- from the old recipe chicken to share for 4 people.  Gosht Kalimirch contains old delicacy succulent mutton pieces simmered in chef special gravy with dominance of hand pound black pepper.  Main course Non-Vegetarian contains Jheega Dum Nisha/ Jiheenga Hara Dhania which contains river prawn fancied with cardamom & mace flavoured gravy. Lasooni Saag Chicken which contains chicken tempered with golden garlic & emerald spinach from the land of Punjab.
The Kolkata Calling featuring lip smacking Bengali favorites like Luchi, Aloo Posto is a potato napped with poppy seed paste, onion, tomato and Bengali spices, Dhakai Maachher Jhol is a bengal’s pride fish stew with potato, cauliflower goes well with steamed rice, Railway Mutton Curry is a Anglo Indian delicacy mutton stew with baby potato, garlic, Radha Ballabi , Bhuni Khichuri with Begun bhaja or masala Omlette  and others. An inimitable mix of tandoor specialties, from mouth-watering roasted whole mutton leg known as Ran-e-Astor served with makhmali paratha and Akbari Murgh, a KEQ old speciality (whole chicken cooked in dum style with whole spices, served with flavored rice, chicken mince gravy  and veggies) to Pudina Laccha Cheese Palak (cottage cheese cokked with  garden fresh shredded spinach with hint of buttered garlic ) and Sultana Subz Kofta Benarasi ( from the house of Banaras cottage cheese dumpling in smooth gravy) - the menu has vegetarian and non-vegetarian items to please all.
Asian menu is also one attraction which includes items like Tom kha pak (Thai coconut soup prepared with vegetables , galangal, lime juice, lemon grass and finished with coconut milk, Chilli Garlic Fried Mushrooms and Chowhan’s Jade Chilli Chicken ( stir fried tender chunks of crispy chicken with spring onion, green and red peppers in green spicy chef special sauce) among others.  
By Nabanita Sengupta.

 Hon’ble Shri Keshari Nath Tripathi Governor Of West Bengal 
Presented Mamraj Agarwal Rashtriya’s

 Hon’ble Shri Keshari Nath Tripathi Governor Of West Bengal  Presented Mamraj Agarwal Rashtriya’s Puraskar to Students for Their Extraordinary performance In Academics Along With Other Dignitaries.

The 20th felicitation and Award presenting ceremony is being held in a memorable function on 19th August 2017 at the Raj Bhavan, Kolkata. Hon’ble Shri Kesari Nath Tripathi , Governor of West Bengal has inaugurated function and presented  the prestigious  Mamraj Agarwal Rashtriya Puruskar to the Brilliant students in Madhyamik Pariksha and Higher Secondary Examinations, 2017, in ICSE, ISC Examinations 2017  in West Bengal and also those who have secured Highest Marks in MBBS and CA. All the 89 awardees will be presented a Certificate of Appreciation and cash prize of 11000-/- to topper and others Rs.5000-/- .

This award is given to motivate & encourage the students to excel in their respective fields and turning themselves into great assets for our country. Among dignitaries and distinguished Guests, who grace the occasion will be, Sri Subrata Mukherjee Minister-in-Charge Panchayat & Rural Development and Public Health Engineering Government West Bengal, Prof. Dr. Suranjan Das, Vice Chancellor Jadavpur University, Justice Shri Shyamal Kumar Sen, Former Governor of West Bengal & Formal Chief Justice Allahabad High Court and Dr.Ramgopal Agarwala, Former Senior Advisor World Bank. A documentary Flim about deeds of Mamraj Agarwal Foundation was shown in the TV screen.

Hon’ble  Shri Keshari  Nath Tripathi, Governor Of West Bengal stated “ Mamraj Agarwal Rashtriya Puraskar  ceremony  has also taken place in the past also with lots of enthusiasm and the way students were felicitated  before and today also. The way his family members are carrying forward the activities which he did during his lifetime is incredible. The students who will be felicitated today for their wonderful achievement in academics my best wishes to all the students, their family members and to their teachers. This country has produced in the past Kavi Guru Rabindranath Tagore, Subhash Chandra Bose, and at present Pranab Mukherjee Former President of India, Amartya Sen Noble Prize Winner. All of you will become good doctors, lawyers, scientists in the near future but you should not also forget your duty towards your motherland. “     
Professor Dr. Suranjan Das stated ‘I wish them success for future. According to Albert Einstein “true education is that which does not stop anyone from thinking”.  Compared to Asia, Latin America our country has the ability to maintain a demographic frame work. One should not interfere in the democracy. There were many scholars from this country like Swami Vivekananda, Rabindranath Tagore, Kavi Nazrul, Kabi Sukanta. But world has become a small platform and we are missing our cultural heritage. We are celebrating 120 years of Rabindranath Tagore, Swami Vivekananda what they thought, dreamt of the country. One should try to find a strike balance between modernity & creativity.”

Mr. Subroto Mukherjee, stated “there is hardly any field where Mamraj Agarwal Foundation is lagging behind. Mamraj Agarwal has devoted his life to the various social activities which is commendable in one word. Though he is no more but within his descendents he is very much present till today and will be there for coming years. At the same time his descendents are doing a wonderful job following his ideology.  Students should make their state proud by achieving the highest marks. ” 

Miss Mansi Mertia from Modern High School who was one of the award winners stated “I am planning to do Economics Honors from Lady Shriram College. I am meeting him for the second time as I have met him before also. He is a man who is very humble person.”

The Foundation is deeply associated with the various activities related to the service of the masses. The Foundation is organizing every year ‘Brilliant Students Award Giving Ceremony ‘at Raj Bhavan Kolkata since 1998 and also in Rajasthan at Raj Bhavan, Jaipur since 2002. It offers all kinds of help to the poor and distress students for continuation of their studies in well manner. This organization has donated a number of computers to different schools & organizations. Many hospitals have received funds and support in kind from its associate” Mamraj Jayatri Trust “for the construction of buildings, operation theatres, and rehabilitation centers and for allied purpose. Trusts have provided free beds, cabins and equipment to hospitals and medical organizations. An air conditioned, fully equipped life care ambulance was provided to Nagarik Swasthya Sangh which was inaugurated by then  H.E.Justice  Shri Shyamal Sen , the Governor of West Bengal at Raj Bhavan.

Two ambulances were donated on different occasions to the Governor of West Bengal at Raj Bhawan for the benefit of the people around raj Bhavan, High Court and Writer’s Buildings. Trust has donated a plot of land of 24 bighas to Bharat Sevashram Sangh at Ghatshila for constructing a hospital. In last 17 years more than 1200 free eye camps organized in association with AIIMS, Delhi, Lions Hospital and Vivekananda mission Asram Netra Niramay Niketan at different  villages and cities of West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Hariyana and Delhi etc. More than 160000 people check up their eye and more than 68000 free spectacles given to low vision patients and near about 21000 patients’s cataract operation successfully done at Hospital    O T. During last many years Free School uniform distributed in various schools more than 33000 needy children. In last Nineteen years by more than 28 programme 2600 students were awarded with cash prize & certificate of appreciation at Raj Bhavan , Kolkata , Jaipur. Outstanding personalities honored by prestigious awards at Rashtrapati Bhawan on 23/03/2009.

Donation by way of establishing 35 purified cold drinking water both at different prominent public places of Kolkata. Free Tailoring centre by providing free machine and clothes whole of the year in different branches of Bharat Sevashram Sangha, Ramakrishna Mission, Sri Sarada Math and many others NGO.

The main person behind all these activities is the President of foundation & Trust Late Mamraj Agarwala.  He has primarily devoted himself in the service of humanity. He was awarded “PADMASHRI” on 24th March in the year 2011 by the President of India, Smt.Pratibha Devisingh Patil at Rastrapati Bhavan , New Delhi.
Text by Miss Nabanita Sengupta.  

Remarkable Growth of Business Network International

 BNI- A Blessing For The Business Man.

Mahesh Mac Srinivasan, President, BNI Asia Pacific & National Director of India informed that there was remarkable growth of Business Network International (BNI), an US-based World’s largest Business referral organization, during the last year.

Rs.5000 crores of revenue was generated in 2016. There were 38% growth in its Membership and 70% growth in business referred for members. BNI had targeted to its revenue to Rs.7000 crores by the end of 2017.

Mr.Weihmiller stated “ not only is there a resurgence of broad-based development in India, recent reports show the Indian economy is at the cusp of entering its strongest growth phase. India continues to be one of the fastest –growing economies on the planet. In our always- changing  world, BNI provides a consistent platform for our members to network and promotes collaboration amongst  business leaders- at the local, regional  and international level. When our members join a local BNI chapter, they are immediately part of a larger, global community’.

As far as Kolkata Chapter is concerned last year the entrepreneurs have generated 600 crores for new business. Here people from different walks of life like the manufacturing industries, doctors which includes dentist, jewelers.  BNI actively works for starter’s survival mode of business, then it also works for stability mode of business as well as it helps to expand the business in India & across globe.

He also stated ‘we want entrepreneurs to invest money so that they can earn & invest in local region ‘. About the effect of GST on the business of BNI he opined ‘GST will have a very big boost for our company. Business will grow more. There will be a transparency. Entrepreneurs will be at par in BNI.”  

Mr.Pankaj  Harwansh Executive Director , Navi Mumbai stated ‘I am a 5 year old member of BNI. I am representing Navi Mumbai. The business generated was 150 crore. This year I expect it would be crores.  I have to interact with people from bakeries, civil contractors, special flim script writers, flim editors, senior doctors from Apollo group and they  have  opened new chain in Navi Mumbai, Nikita Jain which is one jewellery group in Mumbai and the daughter of the group is also associated with us ‘.

Miss Runjhun Gupta, Regional Director BNI Kolkata CBD-B stated ‘in Kolkata we have centers where BNI is working actively and those centers are Ballygunge, Kalighat, NewAlipur, Park Street, Bara bazaar, Dharmatala. “About the CSR activities she opined “we are trying to make Kolkata beggar free streets. We are trying to give them education to their children. This is a community initiative by Kolkata CBD B. Also for the girl who has been forced to this flesh trade professions to them we are trying to give them a normal life where they can survive with dignity. Their history should not get repeated as far as their kids are concerned. Also we are working for the yunacks as in our society they are not given the due respect which every human being deserves”.  Also she said “pot hole filling in the streets of Kolkata is also one big concern. “  

Mr.Vikram Mathur Regional Director Nasik stated ‘I am a ten year old member Of BNI in Mumbai. I also become the Senior Director Consultant then I launched the chapter in Juhu and the pin code is 400049 now we have 10 chapters and at the end of this month in Mumbai we are launching another chapter which is more than 25% of all chapters in Bombay. People from different professions like dentists, cosmetologists, Interior designers are an active member. People works in a collaborative manner. Here though the world is full of competition but here it is full of collaboration.” As far as Calcutta Chapter is concerned he stated “for Calcutta we are having the expectation that at least there will be 3000 members and we have launched 2 new regions in Calcutta. “

Text by Miss Nabanita Sengupta.

Yamaha Fascino Diva 2017 Received A Mind Blowing Response in the City of Joy.

The audition for Yamaha Fascino Miss Diva 2017 took place at Park Hotel on 6th August, 2017. In  this National Beauty Pageant where stunning  Lara Dutta  being the mentor who won Miss India crown  and has delivered power pact performances in movies like Masti, Jurm, Bardaasht .Winning this crown  for a girl means one will be at the sky-high so there should be a blending of beauty, poise, elegance, intelligence in her. Renowned designer Abhishek Dutta and eminent designer Komal Sood were among the panel of judges along with Roshmitha Harimurthy, Former Miss Diva India Universe, 2016.It has signed up as a title sponsored for the pageant for the 4th consecutive year.

The winner of Yamaha Fascino Miss Diva – Miss Universe India 2017 will proudly represent India at Miss Universe.
Women of today’s generation are talented & ambitious at the same time there is a reflection of sense   of liberty & desire to reach beyond conventional boundaries. Abhishek Dutta, known for showcasing innovative attires opined “for winning this crown the girl should have confidence, looks, good figure, height, potentiality. Walking on the ramp, communication skills required during introduction, answering the questions with intellectual ability & at the same time without any hesitation and fear.”

Participants who will be a part in this competition next year for those he conveyed ‘there are many institutes who are grooming the candidates & there are different television channels which will give them abrupt idea about how they can carry different outfits in the ramp, the way models used to converse their gestures so that the home work is done & through this way they can prepare themselves & the dream of winning this beauty pageant will come to reality.”

The auditions will continue throughout the country to bring out the best talents from other cities which comprises Indore, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore,Chandigarh & Delhi. The final auditions will take place at Mumbai on 7th September 2017. The participants from Kolkata in this beauty pageant are Chum Darang, Aishwarya Jena, Ankita Kumari, Jessica Aaron, Kasturi Borkotoki, Satabdi Roy.
Miss India is the most sought after glamorous beauty pageant in India & this has turned dreams into reality. Millions of girls every year took part in this international competition. It is a platform that has turned many women’s dream into reality and the bollywood divas that have made their mother land proud by winning this prestigious titles like Miss Universe and Miss World are Aishwarya Rai, Sushmita Sen, Lara Dutta, Priyanka Chopra, Diya Mirza.

Text By Miss Nabanita Sengupta.

Team Bilu Rakkhosh Assembled at the Music launch.

During the Music Launch of Bilu Rakkhosh on 8th July 2017 director Indrasis Acharya, lead actors Koneenica Bandopadhyay, Kanchana Moitra, music director Joy Sarkar & singers Monomoy Bhattacharya, Jayati Chakraborty, Sravani Roy were present at the launch.

It’s a story of a man who is in a profession not chosen from heart. Bestowed with intellect, emotion & talent, he starts believing that normal human bondings are the hindrance of getting  top on what you love. This  story is about a journey or trip of this man  Bilu from the day he gets  separated  from his family to a spectacular end. Bilu, the protagonist of this  story  aspires to be a famous  classical  singer as he has  brought up under  musical  environment. But social structure apprehends taking any other profession than a regular  job. Fortunately or unfortunately Bilu  was not bad in academics either, so getting a good job along with a wife was not at all a problem for him. So Bilu gets settled in life .He has a son too. But Bilu finds himself confined in the daily routine & becomes crazy to come out  of it in the  belief that he  could do much better in music & to achieve it he  needs to be alone & free .

In anticipation of getting lost in the regular office job, he starts detaching himself from his family, office works. Finally an incident takes place which acts as an impetus of making Bilu separated from his wife & son. Bilu finds independence with different kind of activities he was not permitted to do earlier. Still rat race keeps him perplexed & childhood fantasy comes into reality. When everybody abandons him, he realizes the existence & values of all he has left so far. He realizes the affection & love he had actually for ones whom he used to correspond with often. He starts finding them & feeling them in a predictably unpredictable way.

Voices of his father, activities of his mother, glimpses of his son, moments  with his wife & phone calls with his maternal  uncle  keep on coming back periodically amidst his bohemian lifestyle. Story goes with real & surreal incidents on Bilus life, Bilus childhood, childhood place beside a river in a small town, where he sees the boats, boatman, and his maternal uncle. He wants to unfold the mystery of his mother’s death & many things. He finally gets solace when he finds his own childhood in his own childhood which appears in front of him. He starts talking & exploring the past. He finds that his wife decides to admit their son to a good music school where he can get best musical training. Bilu conveys this message to his own childhood avatar & finds happiness.

This movie was nominated for Best actor Category in NewYork, Indian Flim Festival. This movie was officially selected for Jagran Flim Festival in competition. Actress Kanchana Moitra who is portraying the character role in mega serial like Bhojo Govinda stated “I am playing the role of Ranu. She is a girl from North Kolkata who comes back to Bilu’s life after a long time.  Bilu has seen a lot of ups and downs in his life .So how far he will be able to lead his life with this girl in this circumstances. The story goes like that”. Indrashish Achariya stated “Joy Sarkar has given great performance and he has wonderfully played the character. He is young so the character suits him also.” About Kanchana Moitra role he opined “though she has given many wonderful performances but I don’t think that she has done this kind of role before. In a nut shell she has given incredible performance. “

Text By Miss Nabanita Sengupta.


Bollywood Star Nawazuddin Siddiqui in The City of Joy to launch Durga Puja Collections.


Baazar Kolkata, one of the leading retail chains of Eastern India inaugurated their Durga Puja collection in Hati Bagan. The showroom  spread across entire ground floor & bestowing a variety of garments in ladies wear, men’s wear, kids wear segment & accessories  was inaugurated by Mr.Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Bollywood actor  & Ms.Bidita Bag, Bollywood actress. Nawazuddin Siddiqui has delivered roles and he is known for his versatility in movies like Talash, Bhajrangi Bhaijan and many more. The 9000 sq feet sprawling bazaar Kolkata showroom situated at Kolkata, Hati Bagan offers a wide range of garments & household products & accessories which are attractively priced. The price of the Ladies wear range starts from Rs.60-/- onwards, the Men’s wear range starts from Rs.99-/- onwards whereas the kids wear range starts from Rs.69-/- onwards. Accessories are priced as low as Rs.20-/-.

“At Bazaar Kolkata, we have always kept in mind the customer’s demand by giving them quality products at a reasonable price & thus introduced widespread Durga Puja collections of cloths, household products & accessories. We give huge emphasis on all round quality in products, stores, service standards& customer engagement programs. We want our customers to enjoy their time while shopping at Baazar Kolkata & hope to satisfy them with our products” as stated by Mr.Umesh Sharma, Marketing Head of Bazaar Kolkata.

Product ranges across category in Ladies wear include  Saree, Salwar Suit, dress fabric, nighty, leggings, ladies t-shirt, kurti & many more , in men’s wear includes t-shirt,shirts, casual shirts, sleeveless coat, modi coat, jeans /trousers, party wear trousers, sando, Bermuda, Three Quarter & many more, in kids wear includes boy’s T-shirt, boys Bermudas, sando Set, Baba Suit, Shirts, boys undergarments, Top Skirt set, Tops, Frocks, Capri, skirts & many more  & accessories includes Fridge Bottle, Pencil Box, Tiffin Box, Cup plate Set, Deodorants & many more exciting products.

Text By Miss Nabanita Sengupta.

Bandhan Creation Sraddha Collection Launch

Shraddha Collection- a Gift to the Elderly People and a noble initiative taken by Bandhan Creation.
“We are learning everything but still somewhere we are far away from our ancient heritage and culture. We have been to different rural parts of Bengal where wemen badly need a job in order to sustain their responsibilities for their respective families.  They are making different handicrafts and the designs are incredible .They are blessed with talents which are evident in different works. Through this they are also earning money and people are getting kurta, kurti, dupatta, stole, skirt, palazzo, and jacket shirt made from various fabrics including ajrak, bagru and dabu. The jewellery collection consists of fabric, stone, dokra and silver “as stated by Mr.Chandrashekhar Ghosh, CEO of Bandhan Bank and Managing Director, Bandhan Bank. In Kolkata we have 4 stores. Last year the sale went around Rs.1 crore and this year we are expecting it to go up to Rs.1, 500 crore.
There are customers all over India and  among them 39% customers love other persons including the senior citizens. I have due regards for all the senior citizens ,Amar Paul , eminent singer who has dedicated his whole life to music only stated” at present I am aged but still wants to devote the rest of my life to music this initiative is  just amazing. “
If anybody wants the mixture of modern lifestyle and indigenous creativity  which gives emphasizes for culture and heritage then one should go for Bandhan Creation. This is situated at 411/15, Hemanta Mukhopadhyay Sarani, Near Chandrani pearls, Kolkata- 700029. Shraddha is a store which is dedicated corner in each Bandhan Creation outlet where people will get enormous objects starting from dresses to sarees, board games to hobby items, gifts and artifacts especially designed for senior citizens. The store which offers designed collection of apparels, home furnishing and décor, candles, decorative artefacts and accessories made by traditional handloom artisans from rural India.   
Nilima Ghosh , Managing Director stated “ the products which everyone will get and the artisans  are from West Bengal, Bihar, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Telanghana, Rajasthan and a few other states.”
Text by Miss Nabanita Sengupta.

Like other sports Badminton has also made it smark not only in India but across the globe

Shining Stars- Pride of Kolkata.
Like other sports Badminton has also made it’s a mark not only in India but across the globe. Players from  this country has given incredible performance like Saina Nehwal,P.V.Sindhu, Jwala Getta  in the women’s section  & K.Srikant , H.S.Pranay, Guru Sai Dutt, Sai Praneeth, P.Kashyap are among  others in the men’s section with  talented players in the running. It is not new for this state to present International & national players in the past  as well as at present . The representation is at a huge discount. At the same time players who have potentiality are moving to different state for better scope & infrastructure & the net result is   that the city of joy is deprived from its talent & glory.
For the last three decades, Multicon Group has diverse field its interests catering to Foreign Exchange , Digital Media, Real Estate & Education. This esteemed organization has grown very fast in business opportunities ties with efficiency. They have expanded the boundaries with research. Multicon Group comprises adorable sport lovers who want to take sports to the sky high. Multicon Group has formed a team  christened “Shining Stars Kolkata which will  take part in ensuring Indian masters badminton league II at Tamil Nadu from 12-15th August 2017, a badminton Association of India (BAI) approved tournament. Shining Stars recognized the fact that recognizes the fact that active  participation in sports helps to build  personality, induce fair-play & sportsmanship .While the players in the team, through auction like in other premier leagues, Multicon group has ensured selection of as many  players  from Bengal.
Kolkata Shining Stars has the  privilege  of having 35+ National Champion Nikhil Kanetkar, ex-Olympian as one of its  key players as also others from different states. Players from Bengal like Arup Baidya, Soumen Ray, Hirak Kanti Sengupta, and Sanjay Das have made their mark. The visionary Duo Mr.Dilip Singh Mehta, Chairman, Multicon group & Mr.Arjun Singh Mehta, has faith  as far as the  standard  & players excellence is concerned.”
Prasanta Saha, COO said “IMBL is a platform where Bengal badminton is promoted in order to reach to the youth of the country”. Shri Subrata Banerjee, former Indian Player is the technical Director of the Team stated ‘the players are balanced, trained & strong & there are high chances of the team winning”. This organization is supported by the following voluntary organizations1. Bengal Badminton Academy.2.Universal Sports Promotion Foundation. There are 120 players from across the country of International & national repute compete  against  each other through  Six franchisee teams from cities like Shining Stars from Kolkata, SNJ Kings  from Chennai, Amravathi Legends from  Amravati, Classic Polo from Tiruppur, Hyderabad Hurricans from  Hyderabad, Wristy masters from Delhi.
Text by Miss Nabanita Sengupta.

Eminent Actor Gaurav Chakraborty & Gorgeous Gargi Roychowdhury at
INIFD Lindsay Street Campus.

Child is the father of the nation” this proverb is known to many of us. The  budding talents from INIFD situated at Lindsay street are the future in the  world of fashion & interior design . Annual Interior & Fashion exhibition were organized by them  from 3rd to 4th August 2017 & the duration from 10.30 am to 4pm.
Ms.Gargi Roychowdhury eminent actress in different movies, Mr.Gaurav Chakroborty actor who is known for his versatility & Owner/Director Mr.John Mantosh. As we all know that children learn about the world which is termed as the nursery stage of human life & also known as Kindergarden.  The students chose this as the theme students from interior design have paid their tributes to the children through their creative work.
They have given the name “Kidd Buzz” & there were four sections of kindergarten-dramatic area with graphic art on walls & a castle for story teller ,honey comb  area, literacy & math section & block & art section. This was followed by “Kalavithis”- the land of imagination & creativity. Handmade creations displayed by the students that included attractive paintings, modern art & miniatures made from newspaper, broken glass, plastic bottles, wood etc.
Actor Gaurav Chakraborty stated “the Annual Exhibition is done in such an wonderful manner, the textures are lovely which they have used. Students are pregnant with potentiality which is incredible in one word”. “Exploring Our Roots’ was the theme chosen by students of fashion designing. Through this they went back with a mission to understand the native cultures & indigenous tribes. With globalization spreading its tentative  far & wide, every individual  is becoming only an echo of each other leading to Acute Cultural  Confidence Deficiency leading to frustration & confusion about one’s own identity. The students goal was to redefine civilization through a bonding of the urban & the jungle culture & show that civilization not only demands progression towards a better identity but also to hold the beauty of one’s own.
School days is the precious time for every person and it is no different for actress Gargi Roychowdhury as she was recollecting the memories of her school days. The excitement she noticed in the eyes of the students and they are blessed with the creativity.
Students were inspired from the tribal societies which include Ladakhi (J&K), Samburu (Kenya),  Kazath (Mongolia ), Singpo (Assam , Huli ( Papua, New Guinea), Mustang ( Nepal), Tibetans ( China ), Gorka (Papua New Guinea), Rabari ( Gujarat) & Gauchos Argentina ).
Text By Miss Nabanita Sengupta.